for my Production House 7 assignment at NHTV

On May 2nd 2017 we were given a challenge to come up with a marketing solution and full on campaign for a real brand.. in 24 hours. After that we pitched it to the real client and marketing team members of TCC.

The brand that my 5 member group was given The Athlete’s Foot (in the Netherlands). We came up with a campaign, surrounding the sneakers of their store, but focusing more on the brand. We came up with the idea surrounding the millennials wanting to express themselves. It starts with blank canvases in cities where the stores are located. People can draw, paint or distress the canvases however they want.

After that people can vote on them on facebook (the interacting platform), on instagram the art is highlighted among other sneaker related art, and on youtube you can see behind the scenes and livestreams of the event. We wanted to also add a banner on the store’s website to link the platforms together and wanted to add a sharing and commenting option to the blog to make it more relatable.

We based this idea all on research of the brand, target group and competitors. I made most of the visuals, except for facebook and youtube.

beforeafterNaamloos-1 instagrampost Naamloos-2websiteSchermafbeelding 2017-05-02 om 20.13.04