from my school assignment “KitKat vs. Twix”

This is a project I made when I attended Willem de Kooning Academy in Advertising. This assignment was made with another classmate. Together we had to tackle the advertising differences between Kit-Kat and Twix, and to make a new concept advert or product for each brand after research. He worked on KitKat, and I worked on Twix.

With the slogan of Twix Bites in my mind, bite size, big taste, I made a concept. My concept for Twix bites is to give people the full experience, upgrading them to enjoy it even more. I made a visual for a movie-theatre setting.

The general idea is: when you buy Twix Bites at the cashier of the movie theatre, you are automatically in for the Upgrading Twix Style lottery. Whoever wins, gets to sit in a grand luxury couch with a partner or friend instead of a small theatre seat. And who doesn’t want to sit in a luxury comfy couch in a movie theatre?

In the visual you can see the “Left and Right” Twix concept of the poster. This poster would be placed near the foodcashiers of the participating cinemas. In front of the poster is the same couch placed as the other one(s) in the seating area, so people can try out how comfy that couch is.