for our Online Marketing course at BUAS, year 4

In september of 2018, we were given the task to start an online marketing blog with a certain theme and use online marketing strategies such as SEO, E-mailmarketing and Social Media marketing to promote our blog. Together with 4 other students, we set up the blog Your Viral Culture, a blog about news on online marketing through internet culture, specifically targeting a younger audience or young marketeers. I was the lead marketeer and took charge in the efforts of SEO, guided the team through e-mailmarketing and social media advertising, since I had experience from my online marketing internship. I also took efforts in the linkbuilding of the blog to make our blog more visible on Google. I also created the logo and website for the group since I also have experience in webdevelopment and graphic design. The website is unfortunatly offline at the moment, but we have documented our process in this Portfolio insta